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Our Thoughts Create Our Reality 

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Change your Life

You really can change your life. Making changes to how we feel always starts from within.

 Sometimes all it takes is true acceptance or a change of attitude around something and at times it requires a physical action. Either way being gentle with ourselves in the process, being kind and compassionate makes the journey more achievable.

Work with me

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 Holistic life Coaching - is for anyone that wants to transform their lives and how they feel. Each and everyone of us; irrespective of where we are on that journey line, deserves to be given a gentle guiding support and to be held in a safe exploratory space so that we can make the transformations that we need.


The Gateway to Wisdom and Knowledge are Always Open- Louise Hay

I offer a variety of holistic healing therapies that include- reflexology, therapeutic body massage, reiki healing, future life progression/past life regression and I am healing breath specialist.

 I am also a licensed hyl® workshop facilitator and hyl® coach (transformational workshops and life coaching based on the philosophies of Louise Hay.

Contact me for more information and a free consultation, together we can create a unique and exciting plan that will take you on a healing journey that will empower you to transform your life.


I work with many of my coaching clients online and with great success.

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